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At HD Design & Printing, we have been prototyping and producing NFC compatible print material since 2010.  See our work featured at

Why should I consider integrating NFC with my printing?

Because of their small size, NFC inlays have been showing up in all types of products, including printed paper material.  NFC inlays are small, passive electronic equivalents of QR codes.  NFC inlays are read via a wireless system and not a camera, making the interaction “contactless”

What is NFC and how does it work with printing?

We specialize in custom NFC integration with printed cards and packaging. Because we can laminate sheets of paper together in high quantity, we can also insert NFC inlays into these laminated sheets.

Why should I consider NFC for my print project?
  • Interactivity between passive printed material and smart phones bridges the gap between tactile and digital.
  • Product authentication with high levels of security
  • Brands can target consumers prior to and during the sales process
  • Marketing can tune campaigns for different parts of customer journey
  • Link offline behavior to online profiles
  • Bring the power of digital marketing to the physical and packaging world

Significant smartphone releases have led the way in promoting mass adoption of Near Field Communication.

Apple has announced that iOS 11 will be NFC enabled which promises to open up 3rd party NFC development.

The Android operating system has had NFC support since 2010.

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